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This is the itinerary for our 2017 reunion in Branson, Missouri
is to give you an idea of what we have planned for this
reunion and some of the things to do while in Branson.  The
dates are April 24-28, 2017 and the hotel rate is $89.00 per
room, per night and includes a hot buffet breakfast.

Since the schedule of the shows that have been included in
our package, we will not have the actual itinerary until after
the first of the year.  At that time, the activity package will be
posted on the Gatherings Plus website.  When it is available,
I will provide links and directions for completing your
registration and signing up for some of the optional shows.  

Please note that the optional show prices listed here may
change after the 2017 show schedule has been set.

To Download a PDF of this year's itinerary